Nail care guidelines

1. Take Biotin to improve & strengthen nails & hair from within.

2. For optimal nail maintenance, get a fill-in every 2 weeks. Soak off every 3-4 months.

3. For minimal lifting, avoid over washing hands, dishwashing detergent, pool water, or household chemicals. Wear gloves please.

4. Do not use nails as tools to open boxes, drinks, etc.

5. Brush underneath nails w/ a nail brush w/ antibacterial soap & warm water daily.

6. When tanning, cover your nails to avoid yellowing. Hair dyes, bronzers, & food coloring can also cause yellowing.

7. Avoid sunscreen touching your polish b/c it will ruin your polish & make it sticky.

8. If your nail is broken & there is blood, please wait @ least 2 days to allow healing before you get it repaired. Use Hydrogen Peroxide & Neosporin

9. If a nail is infected, please keep it as short as possible. Apply antifungal drops or use Vicks Vapor rub. Seek physician for diagnoses.

10. A pedicure is recommended @ least once a month to maintain healthy foot care & to control ingrown toenails.

11. Do not pick, bite, or cut cuticles & skin around nail beds b/c problems will worsen. If you have a serious problem, let us help you.

12. Foot razor/cheese grater is not legal to use in the state of South Carolina.